Hoard of the Dragon Queen in Quito

I am an American who has been living in Ecuador for two years. I want to start a real life D&D game. This game would have to be in English. It is okay if you don’t have perfect English, but you should have a decent level and understand this post.

I would like to meet weekly, or every two weeks, for about 4 hours.

I would like to meet, most likely, in a restaurant or bar and obviously have some food and drinks during the game.

This is when the game could happen:
Monday – Thursday 6:00PM – 10:00PM
Sunday before 4:00PM.

I would like at least 4 players, so if you want to play convince some friends too.

I would run the Hoard of the Dragon Queen 5E campaign. If you need a digital PDF of the D&D 5E Player’s Guide, I can provide you a link that you can download.

Thanks for reading!

Hoard of the Dragon Queen - (Ingles)